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DL Consulting

DL Consulting specializes in clear content and communications, applied to company or product strategy, process development, solution and product planning, or market research. Regardless of the project, DL Consulting emphasizes audience-appropriate communications and strategic thinking.

DL Consulting is the leading independent provider of services for Automated Utility Design (AUD), including training, implementation, and consulting. For details, see the AUD page.

Our services

DL Consulting provides a wide variety of high value-add services. This include:

Our website also provides information on on how we work,, and shows some examples of past and current projects.  In addition you can learn more about us, and how to contact us for more information.

AUD Rule Analyzer

Getting Started

Have an idea?  Not sure how DL Consulting can help?  Give us a call at 510-520-4150 to talk about what you need to accomplish.

AutoCAD Utility Design

DL Consulting has recently updated our advanced courseware for AUD (Automated Utility Design) for the SBS 7.1 release. Training is available for both end-users and AUD administrators. Note the full color AUD training and reference manual is now available for on-line purchase!

AutoCAD Utility Design - AUD - Configuration

Learn more about DL Consulting's AutoCAD Utility Design services!

Papers and Presentations

Dan Leighton's presentations have set the standard for in-depth
marketing and technical information at Autodesk University and
beyond.  Check out the various papers written by Dan over the years.

Autodesk University Papers

Click here to learn more!